Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RSI Late War Italians for sale, 28mm Decima MAS

I've got some of the OOP, 28mm Decima MAS RSI Italians for sale. The figures themselves were from Strattegia y Tactica in Italy and represent the only Italian force that did not capitulate in 43 AND remained independent of the German Command. It's a fun set that I painted in a mix of the Italian grey and the amoeba camo pattern. The Decima MAS fought more than just partisans, they faced US forces at Anzio and I have a couple hard to find books that go with this lot.

The entire group is:


DECIMA MAS Barbarigo bn Anzio

33 figures in total and 2 AFVs

4 LMG teams
2 rifle squads
Command with Prince Borghese
2 HMG teams
The black prince himself!

1 OOP metal fiat L 6/40

1 AGN resin and metal m40/75 semovente

4 books on the Decima MAS and Anzio

selling at $300 via paypal plus s & h

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