Wednesday, November 6, 2013

US Cavalry for Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection

I have gone back to an unfinished side project, American Empires, the Spanish American War and the subsequent Phillipines Insurrection.

The scale I picked is 28mm since I already have a lot of terrain in that scale and with Old Glory's excellent range, a fine looking force.

I managed to already get about 30 Spaniards painted already so now it is time for some dismounted US cavalry.

I have a few Ospreys, but the one on the Spanish American War has had the most uniform information so far.

I have started with 10 of the Old Glory dismounted Cav and some crews for the Dudley Sims and a Gatling gun (more on these later!)

More to come,

Sunday, November 3, 2013

More standard bearers of the Spanish Civil War

I finally got a chance to finish a couple more standard bearers for my Spanish Civil War collection. Both miniatures are from Anglican Miniatures, now Empress Miniatures and great sculpts.

First up is a Peninsular Army loyalist for the Republican forces

And then for the Nationalists, a Moroccan Regulares Standard Bearer of Mehilla

More to come,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Corpses At Camp Cuddles!! A Psycho Slasher AAR!

Had a couple friends over to play through our first game of Psycho Slasher!! The Game!!

From Iron Ivan Games

 Camp Cuddles, a place for young hipsters to explore...



 This is what happens when your Fiance is left alone with the table.

 Cabin floor plans I downloaded for free off the interwebs. Just search camp cabin floor plans.

 Players arrive and the table is set up, Pawns are milling about in debauchery.

 Holy Hack Jack arrives in through a cabin window and finds a knife for stabby time.

 The Horror begins!!!

 Coco meets his first victim

 -and scores his first Collection point!

 Chuckles cleans up his end of camp, grabs a hand saw and lays down a Beer counter (Artisanal Micro Brew) to Snare some Hipsters.

 Meanwhile in Cabin C a party breaks out, CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! snaring several Pawns.

 After Chainsaw McGraw and Chuckles kill off the northern half of camp, Judy the Camp Counselor arrives and knows the "Secret" between Chuckles and Chainsaw McGraw.

 After bitter fighting she dispatches both of the Slashers and then runs off with Hysteria!  But are they really dead...

 Another Pawn arrives to investigate the bodies...Chuckles revives killing the Pawn.  CHHHHH-KILLLLLL-CHHHHH-KILLLLL

 A Hysteric Pawn runs off the table bringing the Fuzz.  Po Po arrives at the Camp.

 Hipsters flock to the Beer laden VW becoming Snared, making it easy for Chuckles to Collect them.

 Another Pawn learns the "Secret" and attacks Holy Hack Jack.  This is a karma/vengeance move by Chuckles and Chainsaw McGraw.

Chuckles and Chainsaw McGraw clean house by the car.

The game was a blast, ran for about an hour and a half with 4 players.  Took me about 20 minutes to get all the paper tokens cut out and assembled.  They worked great!
 Players had a good time will definitely do this again.

Happy Halloween!
More to come,