Monday, June 24, 2013

VICTUS in York, Gladiator tourney

The Army Group York was gracious enough to allow me to act as The Editor for a tournament of gladiator matches using Iron Ivan Games's ruleset, Victus.

We first generated a name and place of origin for each of the gladiators and issued a name tag with the info.

Three arenas were laid out, two from the printable arena I posted earlier in the year and the round tile arena I made. The sheets and gladiators were preset on the table with players rolling for the armaturae of their choice. With the odd number of players, 7, we ran 2 standard matches and one Pons match using two Secutors facing a single Retiarius.

Brackets were filled out and the games began! Players plotted their actions then rolled for initiative following into movement and the bloody work of hacking and goring. After 45 minutes the first matches were finished with two deaths and one Missus. HABET HOC HABET!

The final match were the contenders fighting as Dimaecharii, lightly armored with twin gladii. It was butchers work and Corbis the Celt (Greg) took Charon the Goth's (Chal) head clean off. I call that a Sleepy Hollow!

Players had a good time and got to try out a number of different types of gladiators and the different fighting techniques they used. Hardest of the historical pairings were the Pons matches against the dual Secutors, TOUGH!

More stuff ahead for Victus with maybe another tourney in the fall. START TRAINING NOW!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

28mm Geothermal Generators for Scifi games

My daughter helped with most of the labor on this project, she likes hammering in the pins to hold the trim. We made it on a workshop night which is something I haven't had with the gang in a longtime. Rlee worked on his 28mm GIJOE project, Al on his watchtower, me cleaning up the Taliban fighters that Ben gave me to paint and my daughter hammered out these generators.

Plan is to use them for some Star Wars themed games. I primed black and dry brushed to get a worn look. Thinking geothermal generators, pulling up magma to process into power.

More to come!

More Spanish Civil War in 28mm

I got a couple more pics in of some of my collection as I was doing some moving and rearranging.

More to come!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spanish Civil War Moroccans

The Spanish Civil War is a project I'm always adding to and this time it's more Nationalists. I've finished more of the Moroccan forces Franco brought over to the mainland from Africa. The Moroccans are fierce Berber tribesmen that were incorporated into the Spanish army. Throughout the Spanish Civil War they acted as shock troops for the Nationalists.

The plan is to finish what I got, still another 30 to go, and use them for some Brunete games.

More to come,

CHILDREN OF UR! What Lurks Below?!

So still working through the Where Heroes Dare! Scenario book on the Hollow Earth and got some inhabitants painted up.

What better people to populate the inner world lit by the fires of the Black Sun than some long lost Sumerians? These miniatures are from Newline Designs that I got last summer when they ran a sale.

I still intend to get a few from Eureka to flesh it out. These minions will be the third party opfors in some of the scenarios.

More to come!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moroccans in the Spanish Civil War

I am blessed enough to have a mix of 28mm Force of Arms and Empress (Anglian when I bought them, thanks Nigel!) that have slowly been getting painted.

I've been using Bueno's book as a guide and looking at Mosquito Ridge for a scenario to use them against my Lincolns.

Finished pics soon,