Monday, January 28, 2013

Silver Bullets in No More Room In Hell!

Looking at adding a few more monsters into our No More Room In Hell! games and thought it was time to take a bite with some Lycanthropy

Stay behind me!  I hear something by the rig...
 Run! I'll hold it off!!!
-Heavy Guitar riffs and splatter sounds -

Can she make it out alive?!
A couple approaches to try, a traditional, single Lycan or a Pack which would work more like a fast moving Zombie Horde.  Give them a vulnerability to silver (think 2x damage) and maybe also high frequency sound.

More to come!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where Heroes Dare! IN SPACE!!!!


So I decided to play around a little and try some Space Pulp using the Where Heroes Dare! rules.

A Cobalt mini I picked up a few years ago because I thought it was neat looking.

 "His body is created from a thousand fused Family Law Attorneys!"

 Intrepid heroes and heroine!  Some .45 Adventure mixed with Silver Sentinels.
Warriors from another dimension!

Tweaking the rules don't take much work to shift from 1930s Pulp to Pulp of the Future, robots are already in WHD!, locations can be changed to the Shard Forests of Hyperion 12, and Encounters can be Void Hounds instead of Wolf packs.

More to come,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Droid Tri Fighter Models

My daughter got some Star Wars models for Christmas, snap togethers, and I thought I would share them with some of the CMGs for scale.  First up is the Droid Tri Fighter.

More to Come!

The Well To Hell Part 1, Dare Location

I've got a bevy of friends coming over to game a Pulp adventure with the Iron Ivan Games set, Where Heroes Dare!, and decided to scratch build a custom Dare! Location for it.

The story line so far is that Kong Fang, the Nefarious Master of the East, has returned and is seeking the Well to Hell.  So here we go!

Materials, some odds and ends.

Starting with a wooden base, use a pen cap to score in a brick pattern.

 I use some beads and wooden spools and stack them with a matchstick in the center with glue to make the pillars.

 I carve the ends of a piece of balsa wood for the beam.  I have a Chinese Bell jewelry piece that I picked up at a craft store, this will hang under the beam.

 The columns are up and glued in place.  I use another wooden circle and glue a chinese token on top, this will be the Well itself.

Now the beam goes on top , glued in place. The Bell is suspended underneath with twine using glue to hold it in place.

More to come!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soldiers of Von Thoma or What my GF got me for Christmas

So as many of you know I'm a huge fan of the Spanish Civil War as a period for Wargaming. I love researching the forces and my awesome girlfriend, now finacee, bought me the book, "Soldiers of Von Thoma" by Lucas Molina and Jose Manrique Garcia for Christmas.

So what's inside? TONS. Most fellow SCWers know that reference material on nationalist forces is scant, especially the German land forces and this book goes into a cornucopia of detail.

Inside are extensive TO & Es, pictures of troops training, tanks being used, very detailed equipment lists, etc.

Highlights I liked were the Flammen panzers in action, chauchauts, being used for training, and chemical gear.

Now it's got me wanting to finish a few more figs for some Primera Batalla games...

More to come!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Pons Gladiator Project Part 2

The finished Pons!

I did a varnish to the wood and added sand to the base, then sealed it.

The Pons match was a the "Ladder Match" of Gladiator games.  Traditionally a Retiarius began the match on the Pons, armed with his usual weapons; the pugio, fuscina, and rete.  He was also given a pile of large, fist sized rocks to use as missile weapons against his opponents.  That's right, opponentS! The Retiarius would be faced by TWO Secutors. The Secutors would begin on the sands and would have to scale the Pons to assault the Retiarius.

Rules for the Pons are included in the Victus Gladiator rules, to be released at Cold Wars 2013 from Iron Ivan Games

 The Secutors advance on the Retiarius.

 The Retiarius throws the rocks at the incoming Secutors.

Using their shields to stave off the rocks, the Secutors close the gap!


More to come,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pons Project for Victus

So how to spice up a Gladiator game when historical, high impact butchery and bloodletting isn't enough? Enter the Pons match.  The Pons match is a historical match using a bridge type platform called the Pons.  The following is an article on how to build a large, 54mm pons for Victus games, but it could be used for other scales as well.

 I start with 5 hexes of tiles that I used for basing my Gladiators.

I trace it out on card stock twice and then glue the card together, pressed with a weight so it won't warp.
 Next, the supports!  I used dowels and balsa wood.

 Holes are drilled in the posts and the beams.  I use a toothpick as a nail with glue to hold.


Now I wrap with cord and glue in place.

 Supports are now glued to the cardboard base.

I glue Balsa wood to the supports, a solid sheet scored for planks with a pencil.

 A ramp is added.

 The underside of the ramp.

I lay down hexes again and plan where the matchbox sticks will go for placing minis.

 The Pons begins to take shape, spaces are there for the miniatures.

 With some 54mm minis

 I use plaster on the base to cover up the glue.  Next is to paint and sand.

More to come!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

British WW2 Airborne Platoon for Sale

25/28mm British WW2 Platoon, 91 figures plus a Cromwell and an ATG, camo and all!

First Painted Miniatures of 2013! Gladiators

I painted the first miniatures of 2013
 A Provocator from Alpha Miniatures

 A Myrmillo from Alpha Miniatures

 A Myrmillo from Irregular Miniatures

All figures are 54mm

More posts coming, I got a Victus arena project completed and a little something from China.

More to Come,