Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is No More Room In Hell?

No More Room In Hell is the latest release from Iron Ivan Games and challenges YOU the player to SURVIVE! In a world gone Dead, literally, you must choose who will be on your team of Survivors and test the limits of your humanity.
Zombies! The Undead roam this world gone mad looking for food. In No More Room In Hell the Zombies can be player controlled or can be run by the game system itself, allowing players to work together, or against, each other in a bid to exist.

No More Room In Hell is a richly illustrated 80 page book filled with all the rules needed to form your party of Survivors, equip them, and scenarios that can be used in a campaign system. Inside you will find rules for vehicles, horses, hospitals and more! Choose your points for your party and spend them on Shot Callers, Back Ups, and Sheeple or take a chance and use the Random Survivor Generator in the Campaign section. Everything you need to experience Hell is here.

Is it just for Zombies? Oh no, Hell can have many faces, NMRIH can also be used for Post Apocalyptic gaming complete with vehicle upgrades like 50 cals or even mower blades. The Campaign rules include tables for Hunger, Trading, and Lucky Scores to test your Survivor's limits.

Think You Can Survive the Night?
Can You Survive the Bite?

Give it a try


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Island that Time Forgot, 1944

Somewhere in the Devil's Triangle, a force of USMC is lost on an uncharted island...

Hold on Mam', we'll get you down!

Holy John Moses Browning! Fire on that thing!

"Run Dan! Run for your life!"

Thought I would have a little fun with some of the Jungle terrain and dinos before I put it all away :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Lurks Below?! Hollow Earth Adventure in Where Heroes Dare!

The Treacherous Under Jungle of the Inner World, teeming with danger.

Two intrepid teams enter in search of glory and to establish a base camp. Pictured here is the Valiant Expedition, led by Professor Valiant.

The ROshon Expedition, ever ready for a challenge!

The cliffs of the Inner world, what dangers lie ahead?

The ROshon party investigates some dinosaur remains and finds Grogg, a friendly Local, who joins the party as a guide.

The Valiant team finds stranges ruins and uncover a hidden cave, perfect location for a Base Camp!

Sven Angstrom and his porter are attacked by Neanderthals with spears and the party loses a Supporter.

The ROshon party examines another carcass and discovers...

One very large Carnivore!

Two of the natives in the party become a light snack as this Titanic Terror attacks!

A chase begins with the ROshons firing while on the run from the thunder lizard!

Stay near the rocks! Find a place to hide!

The beast stops to smell for prey...

Sven, empathic to the competing party, fires a shot at the beast but fails to wound it.

Another dino is found and a Titanic battle erupts giving players a chance to escape!

The valiant team takes cover in the jungle growth as the ROshons manage to pull off a win and establish their base camp.

More to come!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Living Dead in Allentown...

A night of scrounging, scavenging, and being eaten by the walking dead...

Our story begins in the burned out husk of Allentown PA

My team, The Logan Boys and their Sheeple Tina

Dave's team, they find "The Loaf" at their first Survive! spot and are reduced to 6 inch moves as Mr. Handicapable puffs along with his team.

Team Al takes out aggressions on the local Fauna.

More and more Undead arrive...

My team bolt and scramble to get on top of a bus as the Zeds close in!

Tina never made it and a hard choice was made to shim behind.

Soon Burt and Greg are surrounded, Burt hacks his way through but Greg goes down and is feasted on.

Burt goes apeshit seeing his fallen friend become a Zed Happy Meal and charges into the feasting fiends, putting them down, but nothing can bring back Greg.

Team Al rescues a child and makes for a retreat out of town.

Team Dave becomes trap on the upper floor of ruins as a Horde of Zeds mill about waiting for dinner.

Not looking good!

Team Dave becomes trapped as more and more Zeds appear...

Burt too becomes trapped and Suppressed, too terrified to move and now stuck in a pair of soiled pants.

All in all Team Al did the best, finding the Essentials needed and making it's way off the table. Burt took out a stunning 9 Zeds in Hand to Hand, enraged at the loss of Greg.

Fun stuff, thanks to Al and Dave for playing and especially to Al for bringing all is awesome painted minis.

More to come!