Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where Heroes Dare! 3 Chapters in one night!

Mark from Daddy's Little Men fame, working, working, and working on his team while the rest of us heckle and cajole. "I need more Burros!"

Chapter 1: The Devil in Delphi.

This time around everyone brought their own 500 point team. Forces of Good were Captain Roshon's Jungle Patrol, Bobb-O's Sky Pirates, and Mark's New York State Archeological Expedtion to the Greater East. Evil represented by the Cult of Al and the Cult of Mongo. It was a Cult mixer.

Good surges forward looking for the Professor and the Aegis shield!

The Red Fist lurks by the trucks with members of the Cult of Al.

Shana the Jungle Queen, moves forward to challenge Evil!

Roy Chapman Kinsey summons his faithful dog Lucky to attack the Red Fist. This is the last known photo of Lucky...

The Cult of Al makes their move around the truck.

"Holy sweet !&@^%!!, Shana did you see what Red Fist did to LUCKY!!???!"

Roxanne the Sky Pirate finds the Professor, but The Red Fist has found the Shield.

Roy Chapman Kinsey puts a car length between himself and the murder machine, The Red Fist.

One long, girl-like scream is all that was heard from Roy Chapman Kinsey.


Good withdraws to the safety of the ruins. Evil wins by a narrow margin.

Chapter 2, The Long Tomb of Doom in China.

Forces deploy.

Roxanne's Sky Pirates take to the field.

The Diabolical Red Fist, his son Harold, and the nameless minions.

The Cult of Al takes position.

Shana the Jungle Queen with the Professor and the Jungle Patrol in tow.

The Entrance to The Cult's lair is found, but can it be held?

Run down by the spears of the Jungle Patrol. Good wins this one with some truly brutal fights.

Chapter 3, in the Lair of the Red Fist.

The horrid caverns below.

Mongo scours the caverns.

Roy Chapman Kinsey's team moves forward to confront the Red Fist. Remember LUCKY!

Roxanne takes a cavern toward the Red Fist.

The Red Fist completes the Ritual to End the World!

The Great Demon is summoned!

The Heroes fight to stop the demon, then wound The Red Fist, banishing it and saving the World!

A big thanks to all the players, lots of fun running these scenarios. Special thanks to Min/Max Mongo for hosting the games. These scenarios are available through the Iron Ivan Games store and you can use your own forces instead of the ones listed in the .pdfs like the players did here. It's a lot of fun to see what types of teams players can come up with. I will be running all 3 Chapters again at the upcoming Historicon Convention and the final scenario .pdf for this game, The Lair of Kong Fang, will be in the Iron Ivan Games store shortly.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Battle of Saipan, July 1944 with Iron Ivan Games

I got a chance to help test out the Battle of Saipan game that Iron Ivan Games is putting on for Historicon. Chal the Merciless helped Keith "Banzai" Stine run the Japanese against the stalwart USMC commanded by Mike and I. This night was just to test the mechanics of the game, the table and figures are still in the rough so don't judge just yet ;)

"So..uh, where's the cover for us Chal?"

The scenario uses flare mechanics to control the light.

Japanese Iron Beasts ready to drive straight through the Marines.

My mortar team that scored an amazing 5 "10s" on a 6d10 roll. Great...

A wider view.

BAR Gunners, rifles and Bazookas tow the line.

The Japanese come boiling out of the dark!

The Japanese armor begin to take hits from Mike's side.

They cover a lot of ground fast!

When all else fails it's time to close assault!

A rear machine gun on the turret frantically fires at the Marines who fail to immobilize the tank.

Wave after wave of Japanese.

Lines begin to close.

Everybody on that tank!

One Japanese tank makes it off.

This little guy didn't get far.

Everything worked out good with the Marines feeling the pressure from the respawning Japanese. Time to hammer out a final table and get all the painting done. Look for the game at Historicon 2010 hosted by Chal Conley.


Friday, June 4, 2010


NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, or how I spent an evening at Mongo's vanquishing the Undead.

The layout in all it's glory. A 15mm land of Hell.

The Cast of Characters.

A Damned Town.

Another view.

Urban decay.

One band out in the wasteland...

Town Hall.

The first Zeds to be shot.

More Zeds on the prowl.

Team Mike makes their move and finds angry survivors holed up on the first floor.

No rest for the Wicked.

Slow crawl through Oblivion.

The Zombie Jamboree begins.

A lonely forklift...

Happy Toyz, bait for the feeble.

Zeds in the Horde.

A desperate run up the building.

Could the Fire Dept. be responsible for the Zombie Holocaust?

More Zeds on the streets.

The ending swarms...

Mongo put on a great little test run of the Zombie Survivor rules he is working on for Iron Ivan Games titled, No More Room in Hell which allows players to field a single model or a group of models in a series of scenarios pitting them against rival survivors and zombies alike. Parties must find needed supplies in order to keep going, because the dead will walk the Earth when there is NO MORE ROOM IN HELL!

More to come...