Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artizan's WW2 Late War German's, WIP

"Doc, just what is on your table?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Currently I'm painting my way through some 28mm German's for a friend. I'm at the point where it is now detailing, almost all the big brush work is done, so more than half way. I really like these models and this will be the second time I have painted them, as I have a platoon myself. My crummy phone camera may not show it, but the figs have a lot of detail and take a brush well IMOHO. After these guys are done, who knows as I still have a lot of lead to get through...


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Long Tomb of Doom, in the store!

Now available here in the Iron Ivan Games shop:

The electrifying 2nd Chapter to the Shield of the Gods Campaign for Iron Ivan Game's Where Heroes Dare! Pulp rules is now available. Titled the Long Tomb of Doom, it takes the players on their next hop across the globe in search of the deadly lair of the nefarious Kong Fang. Use your own team or one of the many lists provided to slug your way through Pulp adventure. A richly illustrated, full color, 14 page .pdf that includes special rules, pre-made Character lists, map, and everything you need to go into the Valley of Fang. Use it for Where Heroes Dare! or for any Pulp ruleset you have!

To be Continued...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lair of Kong Fang Coming Up!

With Chapter 2 of the Shield of the Gods Campaign finished and awaiting to hit the web store, I put together the final Chapter's cover as I begin writing it out. After this the focus will be on What Lurks Below and a secret side project that I will aiding a diabolical companion with...


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up and coming! I have started the next supplement to Where Heroes Dare! that will add even more adventure to your games. Centered on the Hollow Earth, players will be introduced to the myriads of dangers and rewards that can be found below.

Also the .pdf for the 2nd part of the Shield of the Gods Campaign is done and should be up on the Iron Ivan Games site shortly.

Lots more to come, Where Heroes Dare!