Sunday, July 26, 2009

In a world before Photoshop...

I came across some of my old comic book stuff I did for fun in the early 90's before I had Photoshop and scanners. Here the color was done by using markers which you can see off to the side where I was putting strokes down for color reference. I generally just used cheap markers, a big pack from Woolsworth of about 36 colors. The computer makes this infinitely easier, but it was fun for it's time. The subject for this strip was some Post Apocalyptic hunters policing the outzones.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Music, to me...

Enjoying the band Vampire Weekend which seems to have nothing to do with vampires which is good for me. It has some great tunes with a mix between Punk and almost a Peter Gabriel sound, very good stuff!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

16 men on a Dead man's chest...

irate night at our local gaming club with Captain Roshon putting on his Legend of the High Seas game that he is running for Historicon next week. The pirates in the scenario are trying to loot a beached ship. Game play was fun with a bare win by the pirates in bloody close quarter fighting in the end. My Marines were especially good shots with my rolls and we had a few lucky cannon shots to deter the scurvy dogs.

More to come,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super Father's Day Presents...

Okay, remember the scene in Superman 2 where the villains are on the moon after they have escaped imprisonment from the Phantom Zone, well this is nothing like that.

Last year my daughter went with me to Cold Wars and took the children's painting class which she enjoyed immensely and then we strolled down to the dealers area and I asked her if she would like some miniatures of her own to paint. She replied yes and informed me that she would like to paint some Super Heroes so we went to the Old Glory stand and found a pack of 15mms that she liked. We attempted to pay, but were given the figures for free which I thought was a great gesture on their part. So my six year old paints these figures all on her own and I dip them for her and help her with the basing. We finish and I ask her where she would like to keep them and she tells me that she painted them for me and that they are my Father's day present and I have to say that it is the best Father's day present I have ever received :) I am truly blessed and so is she by the looks at her first attempts at painting.

All the figures are Superfigs which are excellent figures and the Lunar Lander is from a toy kit that was purchased on our last trip to the National Air and Space Museum in DC.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Nuke Mutants...

Finished a few more 15mms for the Gamma World gaming we have been doing. I'm finding it easy to work in a few 15s here and there between some of my 25-28mm endeavors.

Rebel Mini thug meets GW Lizard swarm.
The most feared denizen of Gamma World, the deadly Ron Jeremy bot from Laserburn.
Splintered Light's Neo Robin Hood fights back a GW Lizard swarm.
Splintered Light and Laserburn beside a Fallen Angel of the Ancients.
"Back ye Beast of the Bomb! Back!"
Splintered Light bring some Medievals to the Gamma World.
"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio..."
The monster is not from a Sid and Marty Kroft production, but Laserburn.
Badger man from Splintered Light fending off a GW Lizard swarm.

More Badgermen.

More to come,

Thursday, July 2, 2009


A crummy phone camera pick of the "crew"

Another night in Gamma World last night at Casa de Merkury. The stalwart party found themselves in the clutches of the evil Thought Master Brigade Leader, Cerik Khan. They were taken to an old water works center now known as the Pits. There they awaited their fate in the slaughter pits of the Khan’s compound. Handy J managed to attempt an escape with an Android soldier of the Created while the rest of the party freed themselves after a new party member, Anders, caused a distraction. Hand J killed his captures by one of the flesh rendering pits, leaving the Created Android to his own fate while the others overpowered their guards in a mad melee of hand axes and hunting rifles. Mongo rolled the Massive Mongo Die of Doom only to fail in almost every action even trying to scale a parked pick up truck as Celik calmly killed some of the guards with a car door and precise shots from a hunting rifle. Digger Jim, the best-named character from Gamma World, was rescued by the party only after loosing an arm to a Thought Master.
The heroes, now in possession of an armored truck sporting 2 LMGs raced thought the compound to find Kella and Ryla. They gunned down other vehicles in a desperate chase and Anders used Illusion Generation to cause the enemy cars to collide. The girls were found along with two others, a Gren named Dia, and a Pure Strain named Cerin. Speeding to exit out of the compound they saw that Air tanks of the Created had arrived and begun attacking the Khan’s forces.
The party attempted to escape out of Arksburg, but got lost and then attacked by Glowers, Rad Zombies, which caused a bout of radiation sickness in several party members. After a near escape and some successful navigating they found themselves by the Suckheanna River and the party split to approach a bridge settlement. The settlement was the home of a pack of Arks, mutated humanoid wolves, and the party found themselves surrounded. After almost being cut to pieces by the Arks they heard a horn and the Knights of Genetic Purity arrived scattering the Arks and taking the party captive. As they were being led over the bridge toward the town of Hill Ton, the rest of the group snuck into the Ark compound and found gas and supplies to get the truck up and running again. Best items found in the scavenging were a video camera and a .50 Gatling gun with only 8 rounds. Mongo refused to call Digger Jim, Digger Jim and Cormac, having survived a strike from black lightning now stutters unless he is singing.

Stay tuned…